Isilon Customer Testimonials by INDUSTRY

Broad Institute

“ With Isilon, we’ve been able to grow a single file system to nearly four petabytes in less than a year, while still maintaining the data throughput necessary to power our workflow and advance our research.”

Matthew Trunnell

Manager of Research Computing



Harvard Medical School

“We’ve successfully deployed more than half a petabyte of Isilon to our many stakeholders to serve a variety of functions. It connects to our 1000 node supercomputing cluster to support the genomic and image analysis needs of the research community. It connects to our Learning Management System to support the multimedianeeds of hundreds of courses. And it hosts the web applications that support many administrative workflows. We’ve been able to add capacity as demand increases and keep costs in-line with demand.”

Data Center Manager





“Isilon’s scale-out NAS architecture allows us to meet our most demanding performance requirements, while scaling in a modular and highly cost-effective manner. As we advance our research by expanding the number of processors in our high-performance computing clusters, Isilon allows us to flexibly add performance, capacity or both in ways that are simply not possible with other storage technologies.”

Parag Mallick
Director of Proteomics Cedars-Sinai Center
for Applied Molecular Medicine


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