Isilon Customer Testimonials by INDUSTRY

Public Library of Cincinnati

“ You don’t always think of a library as a technology place, but with the busiest public library building in the country, it’s critical to our operations. With Isilon, the capabilities and low cost allowed us to get the storage solution we needed.”

Jason Buydos

Director of Technical Services
Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County



American Title

“At American Title, we provide our customers with the most comprehensive and customized real estate information products available on the market so they can make informed decisions more quickly with reduced analytics costs. Isilon IQ scale-out NAS allows us to consolidate our vast, and previously disparate, repositories of property documents drawn from many sources, easily scale capacity, automatically replicate data and achieve significant cost savings.”

Paul Christiani
Chief Information Officer
America Title




“Isilon’s scale-out NAS architecture allows us to meet our most demanding performance requirements, while scaling in a modular and highly cost-effective manner. As we advance our research by expanding the number of processors in our high-performance computing clusters, Isilon allows us to flexibly add performance, capacity or both in ways that are simply not possible with other storage technologies.”

Parag Mallick
Director of Proteomics Cedars-Sinai Center
for Applied Molecular Medicine


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