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Enterprise data centers are rapidly adopting virtualized server environments for enhanced utilization and efficiency, lower costs, and increased flexibility to deliver applications and compute resources on demand. While virtualization has enhanced the efficiency of servers in the data center, it has magnified the challenges associated with traditional SAN or scale-up NAS storage solutions, often nullifying the anticipated cost savings and management advantages.  Instead of realizing the efficiencies from virtualization, you end up pouring more resources into your storage environment–with more staff required to manage the system complexity and over-provision storage.


With traditional SAN or scale-up NAS in a virtualized environment, the complexity of volume sprawl, capacity and load balancing, mount management and other storage administration adds to management time, slowing deployments and taking resources from business critical support. Add in the effort required to smoothly and non-disruptively scale the environment when more storage or performance is needed, the shortcomings of traditional SAN or scale-up NAS storage solutions are clear.

In the same way virtualization has eliminated server sprawl, the EMC Isilon scale-out NAS family eliminates storage sprawl and provides a superior solution for virtualized environments. With Isilon, the ability to scale-out is built into our platform and with a single volume, single file system and single namespace, storage is simple to manage, no matter the size of your storage environment.




Isilon scale-out NAS eliminates complex storage management tasks, such as chasing hot-spots and migrating VMs, so you can focus on achieving the greatest gains from virtualized server environments.


Each Isilon cluster is designed as a fully symmetric storage system and is by nature extremely dynamic. An Isilon cluster can scale to 144 nodes with capacity from terabytes to petabytes in a single file system.


Isilon delivers over 80% storage utilization without degrading performance.


In a dynamic environment where VMs are added daily, Isilon enables you to add capacity and/or performance without downtime or disruption. When a storage node is added to an Isilon cluster the additional capacity, performance and connectivity is immediately available and shared across all virtualized data stores.

Isilon Certifications

Isilon is certified VMware Ready for vSphere 4.1 and 5.0 and is also a Citrix Ready partner.

High Level Overview

Data Sheet

EMC Isilon InsightIQ

This Data Sheet describes how EMC Isilon InsightIQ helps you maximize the performance of your Isilon scale-out storage system with innovative, advanced analytics to optimize applications, correlate workflow and network events, and accurately forecast future storage needs.
Specification Sheet

EMC Isilon NL-Series

This Specification Sheet summarizes key customer benefits provided by the EMC Isilon NL-Series product line.  Elements include NL-Series Node specifications, storage cluster and product attributes, and environmental specification plus an Isilon Platform level storage architectural diagram.
Specification Sheet

EMC Isilon S-Series

This specification sheet summarizes key customer benefits provided by the EMC Isilon S-Series product line.  Elements include S-Series Node specifications, storage cluster and product attributes, and environmental specification plus an Isilon Platform level storage architectural diagram.
Data Sheet

EMC Isilon Scale-Out Storage Platform Overview

This data sheet provides an overview of the EMC Isilon scale-out storage family including the newest additions: The Isilon X400 and Isilon NL400. Key features and benefits of the EMC OneFS operating system and Isilon product families are provided along with typical enterprise customer use cases.
Data Sheet

EMC Isilon SmartPools

This Data Sheet describes EMC Isilon SmartPools, which allows multiple tiers of Isilon  storage nodes (including S-Series, X-Series, and NL-Series) to exist within a single file system, with a single point of management.
Data Sheet

EMC Isilon SmartQuotas

Learn how EMC Isilon SmartQuotas allows administrators to control and limit storage usage across their organization and provision a single pool of scale-out storage to best meet their unique storage needs. Using SmartQuotas, storage admins can seamlessly partition a highly scalable, single, shared pool of storage into easily managed segments.
Specification Sheet

EMC Isilon X-Series

This Specification Sheet summarizes key customer benefits provided by the EMC Isilon X-Series product line.  Elements include X-Series Node specifications, storage cluster and product attributes, and environmental specification plus an Isilon Platform level storage architectural diagram.
Data Sheet


This Data Sheet describes how EMC Isilon SmartLock adds a layer of protection to guard critical data against accidental, premature or malicious alteration or deletion. Being a software-based approach to Write Once Read Many (WORM) solution, you can store SmartLock-protected data alongside other data with no effect on performance or availability.

Top Five Reasons to Choose EMC Isilon’s Scale-out NAS Solutions

This Handout summarizes the core benefits of the EMC Isilon scale-out NAS storage platform.

Technical Overview

White Paper

Breaking the Bottleneck: Solving Storage Challenges of Next Generation Data Centers

With the three core elements of the modern day data center – compute power, the network and storage – in alignment, the corporate data center is now in its next evolutionary state. This White Paper addresses the challenges of the enterprise data center and how EMC Isilon scale-out storage provides an optimal storage platform.
Analyst Report

Glasshouse Technologies Report: Reducing Risk with Scale-out NAS for Large-scale Virtualization

In this 2009 report, Glasshouse Technologies explains the many benefits of EMC Isilon for virtual machine storage, including increased availability, simplified storage management, simplified recovery, and non‐disruptive scalability.
White Paper

IDC Report: Managing Data Growth and Monetizing Information Value

This white paper from IDC effectively positions EMC Isilon no compromise scale-out NAS features and technology as providing superior solutions for the role of scale-out storage solutions in Big Data when compared to competitive products.
White Paper

Isilon Insight – Understanding the Role Storage Plays in Virtual Environments

While virtualization enables you to increase the efficiencies in the datacenter, you also increase the burden on storage. At the same time, with virtualization, system complexity and predictability of workloads multiples. Isilon’s Scale-out Storage platform eliminates the challenges of managing and growing both virtualized and non-virtualized workloads in a simple to manage, highly scalable storage platform.
White Paper

Isilon: Data Availability & Protection

This white paper gives a detailed look at the challenges organizations face as they deal with the deluge of digital content and unstructured data and the growing importance of data protection. It details how the EMC Isilon OneFS architecture provides data availability and data protection needed to meet these challenges.


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