High Levels of Throughput and Massive Scalability

The EMC Isilon scale-out NAS platform meets the storage requirements of both HPC and technical computing environments, eliminating the need to move data from disparate, specialized storage solutions. With Isilon, you can also consolidate virtualized and non-virtualized application storage with standard networking and file sharing protocols.

Power and Simplicity

The Isilon storage family delivers industry leading scalability – up to 144 nodes in a single cluster and over 15 petabytes in a single file system. Once racked, an Isilon cluster takes less than 10 minutes to configure and set up, and capacity can be added in less than 60 seconds with no downtime.

Isilon is ideal for high throughput, highly concurrent environments where clusters of Windows, Unix, Linux and/or Mac OS X clients require fast read and write access to large, shared pools of data. Isilon utilizes a private InfiniBand network as an intra-cluster communication and synchronization backplane, and uses symmetric metadata and locking schemes – eliminating the need for dedicated metadata servers.

Isilon offers a broad range of hardware implementations to address every storage tier, including SSD, SAS, SATA, and mixed disk environments. Isilon offers a wide range of enterprise storage management applications, including snapshots, replication, quota management, client-side load-balancing, WAN acceleration, and performance introspection with file-system analytics.

The Isilon Scale-out NAS Platform is Ideal for:

  • Virtualized IT data centers running tens to hundreds of VMs on a few physical servers or outsourcing their processing power as a cloud infrastructure
  • Media & Entertainment rendering farms for complex 3D animation image processing
  • Academic research for computation intensive analysis and workloads
  • Bio-informatics research labs running proteomic sequencing applications to find new biomarkers and drug targets
  • Financial modeling firms running statistical analysis for predictive modeling of future stock valuations and their derivatives

replicating data in less than 10 minutes.



High Level Overview

Customer Profile

Cypress E&P Corporation

This Customer Profile describes how Cypress EP  deployed EMC Isilon to provide scalability, redundancy, and high-fault tolerance for their high-performance geoscience environment, which manages and analyzes vast amounts of seismic and well data.
Data Sheet

EMC Isilon InsightIQ

This Data Sheet describes how EMC Isilon InsightIQ helps you maximize the performance of your Isilon scale-out storage system with innovative, advanced analytics to optimize applications, correlate workflow and network events, and accurately forecast future storage needs.
Specification Sheet

EMC Isilon S-Series

This specification sheet summarizes key customer benefits provided by the EMC Isilon S-Series product line.  Elements include S-Series Node specifications, storage cluster and product attributes, and environmental specification plus an Isilon Platform level storage architectural diagram.
Data Sheet

EMC Isilon Scale-Out Storage Platform Overview

This data sheet provides an overview of the EMC Isilon scale-out storage family including the newest additions: The Isilon X400 and Isilon NL400. Key features and benefits of the EMC OneFS operating system and Isilon product families are provided along with typical enterprise customer use cases.
Data Sheet

EMC Isilon SmartPools

This Data Sheet describes EMC Isilon SmartPools, which allows multiple tiers of Isilon  storage nodes (including S-Series, X-Series, and NL-Series) to exist within a single file system, with a single point of management.
Specification Sheet

Isilon IQ Accelerator

The EMC Isilon IQ Accelerator was designed to enable enterprises with high performance storage requirements to meet their most demanding challenges by modularly and cost-effectively scaling single-stream performance.
Solution Overview

Isilon Scale-out Storage for Bioinformatics

This Solution Overview details how EMC Isilon provides storage that instantly scales to meet research demands, is easy to manage and maximizes productivity while minimizing cost. Isilon offers the industry’s highest level of end-to-end data protection.
Solution Overview

Isilon Scale-out Storage for IC Design & Simulation

In this Solution Overview, learn how, by deploying EMC Isilon scale-out NAS, leading organizations worldwide increase agility and confidence to meet growing business needs for storage, including leaders in IC manufacturing and design such as ARM, Xilinx, and DaiNippon Printing.
Solution Overview

Isilon Scale-out Storage for Oil and Gas Companies

The Isilon scale-out storage platform meets the energy sector’s most critical storage needs—from high performance computing requirements, to Tier-1 technical computing applications, to Tier-2 archive disk-to-disk backup, and disaster recovery. Isilon meets the requirements of HPC “speeds and feeds” and technical omputing feature sets with proven reliability on a unified storage platform.
Solution Overview

Isilon Scale-out Storage Solutions for High-performance Computing

This Solution Overview details how EMC Isilon scale-out storage meets the storage requirements of both HPC and technical computing environments, eliminating the need to move data from disparate, specialized storage solutions.

Technical Overview

White Paper

Breaking the Bottleneck: Solving Storage Challenges of Next Generation Data Centers

With the three core elements of the modern day data center – compute power, the network and storage – in alignment, the corporate data center is now in its next evolutionary state. This White Paper addresses the challenges of the enterprise data center and how EMC Isilon scale-out storage provides an optimal storage platform.
White Paper

Cisco WAAS for Isilon IQ

This white paper will detail how EMC Isilon scale-out storage, together with Cisco WAAS for wide area network (WAN) optimization and acceleration, can perform data replication tasks 65 times faster while significantly reducing bandwidth utilization.
White Paper

Isilon in Production: Driving Productivity, Cost Reduction and New Opportunities in Media and Entertainment

Core media processes – production, archive and playout – rely heavily on the crucial element of storage and can significantly impact business value and efficiency. In this paper, the challenges of traditional scale‐up storage technologies are examined and contrasted with the benefits of EMC Isilon scale‐out architecture for managing large capacity and delivering high performance.
White Paper

Isilon IQ Scale-out NAS for High-Performance Applications

This White Paper describes how EMC Isilon scale-out storage optimizes the performance of your applications and speeds access to critical data. It includes benchmarks, guidelines and best practices for configuring and scaling an Isilon cluster to meet the performance requirements of your organization.
Analyst Report

IT Brand Pulse Report: HPC Storage Brand Leaders 2011

In this March 2012 Analyst Report, IT Brand Pulse measures brand leadership in high performance computing using surveys with at least 100 respondents. EMC Isilon captured the HPC Storage Market Leader Award and was voted Brand Leader in five of six categories.
Solution Overview

Riverbed: Riverbed WAN Acceleration for EMC Isilon Scale-Out Platform Nodes

This Riverbed Performance Brief shows how the combination Isilon Scale-Out NAS with Riverbed WAN optimization technology enables geo-distributed organizations to consolidate storage into a central location giving remote users fast access to centralized storage.
White Paper

Storage Performance for Life Science Applications

In this White Paper, BioTeam shares the results of an open source IO benchmarking experiment to determine how well EMC Isilon scale-out storage performs as the shared file system for neuro-imaging and Next-Generation DNA sequencing. In this cross-vendor testing, Isilon was found to offer the greatest IO performance.

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