Simplicity, Agility, Consolidation, Data Protection & Multi-protocol support

eDiscovery service providers require very high storage performance for ingest and processing, as well as less expensive, lower performance tier of storage for long term archival needs.  With limited IT staff and unpredictable needs, a storage solution that requires very little time and resources to manage is critical.

EMC Isilon is the only storage technology that provides scalable performance and capacity in a single volume that is simple to use and manage. Isilon also incorporates automated storage tiering within a single volume, making it an ideal solution for eDiscovery service providers.


Isilon is simple to manage and stays that way. With varying types of data, a single volume with different tiers of storage saves management time and makes it simple to change protection levels on a directory or file level.


Because each node in an Isilon storage cluster is capable of processing metadata, it has great performance on small files. For workflows that require even greater performance, Isilon offers an SSD option for storing metadata.


With a single file system, you can use Isilon for eDiscovery storage as well as backup, archive, and virtualization and home directories. Utilizing Isilon scale-out storage for multiple workflows eliminates even more complexity in your datacenter freeing your time for critical business tasks.

Data Protection

With a single file system you can easily change protection levels at the directory or file level. Isilon applications provide point in time snapshot capability and support moving data in its native state while preserving metadata information.  The Isilon scale-out storage platform is architected with self-healing capabilities.

Multi-protocol support






High Level Overview

Data Sheet

EMC Isilon InsightIQ

This Data Sheet describes how EMC Isilon InsightIQ helps you maximize the performance of your Isilon scale-out storage system with innovative, advanced analytics to optimize applications, correlate workflow and network events, and accurately forecast future storage needs.
Specification Sheet

EMC Isilon NL-Series

This Specification Sheet summarizes key customer benefits provided by the EMC Isilon NL-Series product line.  Elements include NL-Series Node specifications, storage cluster and product attributes, and environmental specification plus an Isilon Platform level storage architectural diagram.
Specification Sheet

EMC Isilon S-Series

This specification sheet summarizes key customer benefits provided by the EMC Isilon S-Series product line.  Elements include S-Series Node specifications, storage cluster and product attributes, and environmental specification plus an Isilon Platform level storage architectural diagram.
Data Sheet

EMC Isilon Scale-Out Storage Platform Overview

This data sheet provides an overview of the EMC Isilon scale-out storage family including the newest additions: The Isilon X400 and Isilon NL400. Key features and benefits of the EMC OneFS operating system and Isilon product families are provided along with typical enterprise customer use cases.
Data Sheet

EMC Isilon SmartPools

This Data Sheet describes EMC Isilon SmartPools, which allows multiple tiers of Isilon  storage nodes (including S-Series, X-Series, and NL-Series) to exist within a single file system, with a single point of management.
Specification Sheet

EMC Isilon X-Series

This Specification Sheet summarizes key customer benefits provided by the EMC Isilon X-Series product line.  Elements include X-Series Node specifications, storage cluster and product attributes, and environmental specification plus an Isilon Platform level storage architectural diagram.
Customer Profile

National Library of France

This Customer Profile describes how the National Library of France used EMC Isilon to gain up to 16 simultaneous downloads of 8 GB files in just 10 minutes and maximum security for priceless data archives, all with a straightforward, flexible, and  easy-to-manage scale-out NAS storage solution.
Customer Profile

San Bernardino County

The County of San Bernardino needed to support the persistent growth of its electronic filing services, and to allow citizens, banks, and other authorized parties to access official documents around the clock. This Customer Profile describes how the County used EMC Isilon to permanently archive more than five million new documents annually.
Customer Profile

The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County

This Customer Profile describes how  the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County relied upon EMC Isilon scale-out storage and EMC Isilon SyncIQ to virtualize their entire environment quickly with a strong storage foundation that could scale and allow them to add capacity cost-effectively.

Technical Overview

White Paper

Breaking the Bottleneck: Solving Storage Challenges of Next Generation Data Centers

With the three core elements of the modern day data center – compute power, the network and storage – in alignment, the corporate data center is now in its next evolutionary state. This White Paper addresses the challenges of the enterprise data center and how EMC Isilon scale-out storage provides an optimal storage platform.
White Paper

Business Implications of eDiscovery

All businesses today are subject to electronic discovery (eDiscovery) laws. Whenever a company is involved in a civil suit, of which there are many, the court can order that electronic records, e-mail, texts, and digital documents be produced quickly. This White Paper details how EMC Isilon scalable storage can address these challenges.
Technical Guide

Data Protection for Isilon Scale-Out NAS

This paper reviews and recommends solutions for ensuring data availability in an EMC Isilon scale-out storage environment.
White Paper

Isilon: Data Availability & Protection

This white paper gives a detailed look at the challenges organizations face as they deal with the deluge of digital content and unstructured data and the growing importance of data protection. It details how the EMC Isilon OneFS architecture provides data availability and data protection needed to meet these challenges.
Analyst Report

Kahn Consulting Report: eDiscovery: The New Information Management Battleground

In this report, Kahn Consulting uses case summaries to illustrate the technical challenges presented by new electronic discovery rules, and how to address them. The cases highlight how technology, along with policy review and familiarity with the changes in the Federal rules of Civil Procedure, can meet those challenges.
Solution Overview

Meeting eDiscovery Storage Challenges

eDiscovery efforts place great demands on data storage solutions. In this Solution Brief, EMC Isilon presents how scalable data storage technology complements eDiscovery solutions and help manage secure and efficient data movement and management over time.

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