Disaster Recovery & Business Continuance

Disaster recovery and business continuance solutions from EMC Isilon enable you to reduce operational costs, fully utilize storage resources, and reduce reliance on the tape infrastructure–while successfully meeting recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTOs).

Fast Replication

For any disaster recovery initiative, EMC Isilon SyncIQ software delivers extremely fast replication of data across multiple Isilon IQ clusters over the WAN and LAN, optimizing daily transfer times and minimizing bandwidth usage while keeping the failure site up-to-date.

Improved Data Reliability

For local backup and restoration, Isilon SnapshotIQ supports an unlimited number of snapshots within a highly-scalable, single pool of clustered storage. Administrators can schedule frequent snapshots and therefore gain greater flexibilities in meeting their recovery objectives.

NDMP Support

Isilon supports the well-adopted Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) standard for backing up network-attached storage using familiar backup and restore applications such as CommVault, Bakbone, or VERITAS Netbackup. The unique Isilon architecture allows backups to be spread across multiple streams, which can significantly improve overall backup and restore performance.

Smart Policies

EMC Isilon SyncIQ application software provides a rich set of policies for creating and scheduling storage replication and migration activities to meet a broad range of backup requirements. Backup performance can be configured and optimized for both network bandwidth and cluster resource utilization.

SyncIQ provides an intuitive, fully integrated wizard-driven web-based management console that allows for graphical monitoring and reporting across all Isilon nodes. As a licensable software module for the Isilon OneFS Operating System, SyncIQ can be installed, configured and can begin replicating data in less than 10 minutes.


High Level Overview

Customer Profile

Children’s Hospital Boston

This Customer Profile describes how Children’s Hospital Boston deployed EMC Isilon to create a single, shared pool of storage to provide its research staff with immediate, around-the-clock access to massive file-based data archives while requiring significantly less full-time equivalent (FTE) support.
Specification Sheet

EMC Isilon NL-Series

This Specification Sheet summarizes key customer benefits provided by the EMC Isilon NL-Series product line.  Elements include NL-Series Node specifications, storage cluster and product attributes, and environmental specification plus an Isilon Platform level storage architectural diagram.
Data Sheet

EMC Isilon Scale-Out Storage Platform Overview

This data sheet provides an overview of the EMC Isilon scale-out storage family including the newest additions: The Isilon X400 and Isilon NL400. Key features and benefits of the EMC OneFS operating system and Isilon product families are provided along with typical enterprise customer use cases.
Data Sheet

EMC Isilon SnapshotIQ

Learn how EMC Isilon SnapshotIQ provides a uniquely simple, scalable and flexible way to enable enterprise-class protection and user-driven data recovery for scale-out storage.  EMC Isilon SnapshotIQ introduces a true breakthrough in snapshot technology that enable enterprise-class protection and user-driven data recovery for scale-out storage.
Data Sheet

EMC Isilon SyncIQ

This Data Sheet describes EMC Isilon SyncIQ, which  offers powerful, flexible and easy to manage replication of data for Disaster Recovery, Business Continuance, Disk to Disk Backup and Remote disk Archive.
Specification Sheet

Isilon IQ Backup Accelerator

Learn how the EMC Isilon IQ Backup Accelerator can scale backup performance to fit within backup windows, providing reliable and fast system recovery in the event of system failures or disasters.
Customer Profile

Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation

This Customer Profile details how the  nonprofit biomedical research institute Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation used EMC Isilon to unify its DNA sequencing pipeline into a single, high performance, highly scalable, shared pool of storage, simplifying its IT environment and significantly speeding time-to-results.
Customer Profile

San Bernardino County

The County of San Bernardino needed to support the persistent growth of its electronic filing services, and to allow citizens, banks, and other authorized parties to access official documents around the clock. This Customer Profile describes how the County used EMC Isilon to permanently archive more than five million new documents annually.
Customer Profile

Stronghold Data

Stronghold Data provides a range of services from simple file-level backup to system-level mirroring and complete infrastructure hosting.  This Customer Profile describes how Stronghold leveraged EMC Isilon to create a solution that would scale almost without limit, but, more importantly, a system that would scale without disruption.
Customer Profile

Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen)

The Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) develops early diagnostics, prognostics and therapies for complex diseases. This Customer Profile examines how TGen leveraged EMC Isilon to address problems of enormous data sets, inefficient data movement, performance problems and file system complexity.

Technical Overview

Technical Guide

Backup and Recovery With Isilon IQ Clustered Storage

While scale-out clustered storage has clear benefits, its capabilities and performance require a new approach for backup. For example, how can you effectively backup a file system that is hundreds of terabytes large? This paper examines best practices for ensuring data availability in a clustered storage environment.
White Paper

Best Practices for Data Replication with EMC Isilon SyncIQ

This White Paper will give you an understanding of the unique features and benefits of the EMC Isilon SyncIQ architecture, an Isilon application that enables you to flexibly manage and automate data replication between two Isilon clusters.
White Paper

Breaking the Bottleneck: Solving Storage Challenges of Next Generation Data Centers

With the three core elements of the modern day data center – compute power, the network and storage – in alignment, the corporate data center is now in its next evolutionary state. This White Paper addresses the challenges of the enterprise data center and how EMC Isilon scale-out storage provides an optimal storage platform.
Technical Guide

Data Protection for Isilon Scale-Out NAS

This paper reviews and recommends solutions for ensuring data availability in an EMC Isilon scale-out storage environment.
Technical Guide

NDMP Configuration Guide for CommVault Simpana

This guide will help in configuring an EMC Isilon scale-out storage platform for use with CommVault Simpana. You’ll receive detail on NDMP specific settings and functionality, however, a general understanding of how to perform backups and restores with CommVault Simpana is assumed.
Technical Guide

NDMP Configuration Guide for EMC Networker

This guide is a supplement to the Data Protection for EMC Isilon scale-out NAS best practices paper and the EMC Networker. It will assist in the configuration of the Isilon Scale-out Storage Platform for use with EMC Networker and includes detail on NDMP specific settings and functionality.
Technical Guide

NDMP Configuration Guide for IBM Tivoli Storage Manager

This guide is a supplement to the Data Protection for Isilon Scale-out Storage Configuration Guide and the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Administration. It will assist in the configuration of the Isilon Scale-out Storage Platform for use with IBM Tivoli Storage Manager and includes detail on NDMP specific settings and functionality.

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