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EMC Isilon S-Series

The EMC Isilon S-Series Platform, built on Isilon proven scale-out technology, offers ultra-fast primary storage for mission-critical, random access file-based applications.



The S-Series surpasses the limits of traditional primary file storage—delivering over 1.6 million CIFS SPECsfs file operations per second and 100 gigabytes per second (GBps) of aggregate throughput. A single FTE can manage the single file system and global namespace.

Take advantage of the intelligent use of SSDs for metadata and file-based storage workflows, and the ability to place mission-critical, latency-sensitive data on SSDs in an EMC Isilon SmartPools environment. Deploy enterprise-class, 10,000 RPM 2.5-inch SAS drives, Quad 1GbE or dual 1GbE and dual 10GbE front-end networking, and dual quad-core Intel CPUs with a high-performance InfiniBand back-end.

Simplicity and Ease of Use

Install, configure and deploy an Isilon S-Series cluster online in less than 10 minutes, without specialized services or certifications. Scale capacity and performance on-the-fly in 60 seconds. Enjoy up to N+4 data protection, set at the cluster, directory, or file level.

Cost Savings

With impressive performance benchmarks, the Isilon S-Series affords the best dollar per I/O solution available. Reduce capital outlay and increase storage efficiency through high utilization rates resulting in more storage with fewer spindles.


EMC Isilon X-Series

The EMC Isilon X-Series scale-out NAS platform, powered by the Isilon OneFS operating system and proven scale-out technology, accelerates your business by speeding access to massive amounts of critical high-concurrent and sequential-throughput data, while dramatically reducing cost and complexity.

X-Series combines a robust suite of management applications and industry-standard, enterprise-class hardware to deliver meaningful and sustainable productivity enhancements.



Optimize your environment through high concurrent access and scalable capacity in a single global namespace, use of SSDs for metadata and file-based storage workflows, and low power consumption with high density for ultra-low overhead.


Consolidate virtualized and non-virtualized environments into one storage pool: a single file system with N+4 on-demand data protection. Eliminate the need to create LUNs or volumes, mount multiple file systems, zone another fabric, or create another failover path.


Obtain greater efficiency with less capital outlay by capitalizing on utilization rates of over 80% and seamlessly scaling to over 20 petabytes and over 100 gigabytes per second (GBps) of throughput.


The EMC Isilon X-Series is ideal for virtualized environments with Tier 3 and 4 workloads, HPC, Media and Entertainment, Internet Solutions, Life Sciences, and Electronic Design Automation.


EMC Isilon NL-Series

Balance cost-effective data storage with your need for quick access. With its economical nearline solution, the EMC Isilon NL-Series bridges the gap between costly, high-performance, primary storage and inexpensive, management-intensive, off-line storage solutions.


Simple Installation and Management

Be online and serving data in less than 10 minutes without time-consuming, expensive integration services. Eliminate the need for multiple volumes with easily managed single pool of storage with a global namespace from EMC Isilon.

Cost Savings

Reduce capital outlay and increase overall storage efficiency through high utilization rates—storage with fewer spindles. Enjoy ultra-high density and the best dollar per terabyte value of any Isilon offering in a system that can scale to over 20PB.

Data Protection, Recovery, and Archiving

Significantly improve your existing tape backup, archiving, and data protection efforts, while supporting a multi-site replication strategy. Meet business and legal requirements by adding economical storage and rapid disk-based access to reference data.

Solidify disaster recovery by combining with the EMC Isilon SyncIQ replication application for an economical, high-capacity, remote storage solution.


EMC Isilon Performance Accelerator

The EMC Isilon Performance Accelerator is ideal for demanding performance environments that require performance, reliability, and the ability to scale performance independent of capacity. Performance Accelerator nodes accelerate cluster operations, including disk and node rebuilds, file striping, and EMC Isilon SyncIQ file-based replication.

Take advantage of single-stream throughput of more than 400 MB per second (MBps), concurrent throughput up to 700 MBps, and high-speed Ethernet client connectivity and dual quad core Intel processors. Automate load balancing of client connections across all nodes with built-in EMC Isilon SmartConnect software.



Deploy Performance Accelerator’s 10 Gigabit Ethernet front-end networking as an ideal integration point for next generation workflows that require a high-performance conduit into storage.

Receive multi-protocol support for NFS v3, CIFS, HTTP, FTP, NDMP, SNMP, LDAP, ADS, and NIS reads/writes.

Cost Savings

Satisfy demanding performance environments by scaling performance independent of capacity at one-third the cost of traditional storage architectures.


Rapidly and seamlessly enhance any existing Isilon X-Series or S-Series storage cluster in 15 seconds. Add processing power, memory, bandwidth, and parallel read/write access by leveraging the single file system and clustered storage architecture and avoiding the limitations of traditional storage and namespace aggregation technologies.


EMC Isilon Backup Accelerator

Rapid data growth, limited IT resources, and shrinking backup windows can affect business productivity. Yet, organizational requirements for tape backup, disaster recovery, compliance, and archiving cannot be ignored. Reliable and fast system recovery in the event of system failures or disasters is essential.

The EMC Isilon Backup Accelerator delivers performance across four concurrent streams, eliminating the cost, complexity, and risk of downtime associated with traditional back-up operations.


Enterprise SAN Tape Integration

The Backup Accelerator provides a highly flexible solution that seamlessly integrates with your current tape infrastructure and your existing backup software and process. The tool supports both two-way and three-way NDMP to accommodate your specific infrastructure requirements.

Installation and Management Simplicity

Seamlessly add the Backup Accelerator to any existing Isilon cluster in 60 seconds or less through an InfiniBand connection. Integrate the tool with any enterprise IT environment to secure a dedicated resource for backup and free the cluster for production storage needs.

Product Information

With Backup Accelerator, you can integrate with all standard network protocols through Fibre Channel networking while leveraging dual quad core Intel processors and up to 960 MBps across eight concurrent streams.

Support Information: LT03, LT04, and LT05 Devices

Realize up to 240 MBps per tape device and up to 480 MBps or 1.7 TB per hour aggregate per Backup Accelerator.




EMC Isilon SmartPools

EMC Isilon SmartPools software enables you to optimize your scale-out storage resources using a next-generation approach to storage tiering with unprecedented flexibility, granularity, and ease of data and storage management.


Automated Storage Tiering

With SmartPools, you can use a policy-based approach to manage data and move it automatically across multiple tiers of Isilon scale-out storage including EMC Isilon S-SeriesEMC Isilon X-Series, and EMC Isilon NL-Series nodes based on your specific data storage requirements. This enables you to use the right storage resources for your specific workflow and data management requirements—automatically and transparently.


SmartPools enables you to seamlessly adapt and respond to workflow changes and demands for new capacity without affecting applications or workflows. And, with Isilon scale-out storage, you can add capacity and/or performance on demand in 60 seconds, enabling seamless expansion of any tier.

Optimized Storage

Define the relative value and criticality of specific data sets and automatically move them to the appropriate storage tiers based on your specifications. With SmartPools, you can also select policies to move data among price/performance tiers over specified time periods. This enables you to automatically move inactive data to the most cost-effective storage tier while utilizing your high performance storage resources for your most demanding workflows.



EMC Isilon InsightIQ

EMC Isilon InsightIQ software provides powerful performance monitoring and reporting tools to help you maximize the performance of your EMC Isilon scale-out storage system. InsightIQ includes innovative, advanced analytics to optimize applications, correlate workflow and network events, and accurately forecast future storage needs.


Gain Actionable Insight Quickly

With InsightIQ, you can quickly gain new understanding of complex performance and capacity trends data without complex analysis. Easily customize relevant reports for communicating key information about your scale-out storage environment.

Forecast Future Requirements

InsightIQ enables you to easily identify key trends on a per-directory and per-file basis to determine which datasets are growing more rapidly, how data align to storage costs, and what your future storage needs will be.

Optimize Storage Resources

Identify the business value of critical data over time, and align usage of storage resources to optimize performance and overall value. InsightIQ helps you to uncover and avoid potential bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

Flexible User Interface

Built on a Web 2.0 framework, InsightIQ is deployed as a virtual appliance, minimizing the impact of monitoring with an off-cluster virtual application that seamlessly integrates into enterprise environments.

EMC Isilon SmartLock

EMC Isilon SmartLock helps you protect your critical data against accidental, premature, or malicious alteration or deletion. Because SmartLock is a software-based approach to Write Once Read Many (WORM) data protection, you can store SmartLock-protected data alongside other data types in your Isilon scale-out storage environment with no effect on performance or availability, and without the added cost of purchasing and maintaining specialty WORM-capable hardware.

Data Security Options

SmartLock operates in either an Enterprise mode or a Compliance mode. The Compliance mode provides an extra level of protection against malicious modification of data by disabling logins by the root user. This way, you can meet regulatory compliance requirements to provide absolute retention and protection of business critical data—including stringent SEC 17a-4 requirements.

Flexible and Efficient Data Protection

With SmartLock, you can protect your data at the directory level and thereby eliminate the wasted space and complexity of managing WORM protections across multiple devices or volumes. SmartLock also offers you the flexibility to set customized default retention times on a directory-level basis or to set customized retention times for specific files.


Isilon SyncIQ

EMC Isilon SyncIQ offers powerful, flexible, and easy-to-manage asynchronous replication of data for collaboration, disaster recovery, business continuance, disk-to-disk backup, and remote disk archive. Designed for Big Data, SyncIQ delivers highly parallel replication performance at scale. Every node in an Isilon cluster can send and receive data, and SyncIQ can take advantage of any available network bandwidth, so replication actually gets faster the larger your data store grows.

Disaster Recovery

Leverage high-performance, asynchronous replication of data to address a broad range of recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO). With fast, push-button simple failover/failback, SyncIQ increases availability and helps you reduce RPO and RTO for your critical applications. SyncIQ supports both LAN and WAN networks for replication over short or long distances, providing protection from both site-specific and regional disasters.

Disk-to-Disk Backup

When combined with EMC Isilon Scale-out NAS, SyncIQ delivers a superior disk-to-disk backup and restore solution with unmatched performance and simplicity, enabling IT organizations to reduce data backup and restore costs, eliminate complexity, and minimize risk.

Online Delivery of Content

SyncIQ enables you to improve bandwidth utilization, minimize costs, and increase speed of end-user access by distributing content across multiple networks, datacenters, and geographic locations.



EMC Isilon SmartConnect

EMC Isilon SmartConnect software helps you meet the demands of an always-on, 24×7 world with rapidly growing data storage requirements. With its intelligent, automatic client-connection load balancing and failover capabilities, SmartConnect optimizes storage performance, provides a highly available data environment, and simplifies storage management.


Optimize Performance

SmartConnect automatically rebalances NFS client connections to your Isilon storage cluster and thereby optimizes storage system performance, so you can deliver high performance and a consistently positive user experience.

High Availability

SmartConnect supports dynamic NFS failover for Linux and UNIX clients to prevent interruptions to users and applications. In the event of a node failure, SmartConnect will seamlessly failover across all other nodes in the cluster. This ensures that all in-flight reads and writes are handed off to another node in the cluster to finish operation without any user or application interruption.

Scalability and Simplicity

With SmartConnect, you can easily scale and manage large numbers of clients and nodes in a rapidly growing, computing-intensive environment. Clients and storage nodes can be added and the cluster scaled on the fly while a system is in production, making Isilon with SmartConnect the industry’s most flexible, powerful, and easy-to-manage clustered storage solution.



Isilon SnapshotIQ

EMC Isilon SnapshotIQ provides a simple, scalable, and flexible way to enable enterprise-class, point-in-time data protection and recovery for scale-out storage. SnapshotIQ can be used as a cornerstone of your big data protection strategy as it allows you to make frequent, low-impact, user-recoverable backups of files.

Simple, Scalable Data Protection

SnapshotIQ supports a highly scalable number of snapshots throughout an Isilon storage cluster and up to 1,024 snapshots per directory. This provides you with massive scalability and data protection for your large and growing data environment. Because SnapshotIQ is also globally coherent and spans across all nodes regardless of the cluster size, you can administer snapshots from a true single point of view, giving you unmatched flexibility and ease of use.

Automatic Data Protection

With SnapshotIQ, you can automatically back up data as frequently as required to meet your recovery point objectives. Experience little to no performance impact on users, regardless of the size of the file system or directory being snapshot or the level of production activity on the cluster.

Fast, Secure Backup and Recovery

Benefit from an extremely fast snapshot capability (typically less than one second to create) and near-immediate data restoration to easily meet your aggressive recovery time objectives. Since SnapshotIQ retains the security of the file within the snapshot, restoration is both secure and simple.



EMC Isilon SmartQuotas

EMC Isilon SmartQuotas software helps you maximize the long-term value of your business data and drive down storage management cost and complexity by providing simple, scalable, and flexible quota management and provisioning for your EMC Isilon scale-out storage environment.


Flexible Quota Management and Provisioning

SmartQuotas enables you to control and limit storage usage, easily provision a single pool of Isilon scale-out storage, and present more storage capacity to applications and users than is physically installed. With SmartQuotas, you can seamlessly partition storage into segments at the cluster, directory, sub-directory, group, and user levels through quota and provisioning assignments and policies.

Highly Scalable

SmartQuotas is cluster-aware and spans across all Isilon nodes, regardless of cluster size or number of storage devices. With SmartQuotas, it is as simple to manage quotas for thousands of users as it is to manage a few dozen. SmartQuotas easily supports massive scalability of users and groups for even the largest storage environments.

Automated Reporting and Alerts

SmartQuotas gives you flexible reporting and notification options to advise end-users, managers, and administrators about their resource usage. With SmartQuotas, you can automatically send alerts when quota limits are approaching, enforce hard stops on writes, or provide a grace period before enforcing thresholds.



Aspera Enterprise Server for EMC Isilon

Aspera and EMC Isilon have teamed to create the first predictable, non-disruptive, rapid, high-performance file and content delivery solution for moving large files over long distances using wide-area networks (WANs). Aspera Enterprise Server for Isilon runs directly on EMC Isilon scale-out NAS storage and provides a cluster-aware version of Aspera high-speed file transfer technology.


Central Performance Control

Automatically spread large file and dataset transfers across the cluster using Aspera’s adaptive rate control, and aggregate bandwidth management capability. “Scale back” transfers across fewer Isilon nodes as content delivery needs shrink in off-peak hours. and reassign nodes to other projects or tasks. Alternately, add bandwidth or capacity to the Isilon cluster without any downtime.

Predictable Large File Transfers

With Aspera Enterprise Server for EMC Isilon, you can predictably complete large file transfers within a given timeframe despite uncertain network conditions and bandwidth capacity. Use Aspera together with EMC Isilon SmartConnect software to create transfer zones where portions of the cluster are dedicated to Aspera clients.

High Availability and Load Balancing

Connect your Aspera fasp clients to the cluster through SmartConnect for protection from potential node or component failures, and achieve load balancing across all active zones during large file transfers.



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