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The future for TV devices is endlessly debated, but the fact is that in-home devices are still core to many offerings.


A140 is deployed globally and has earned a reputation for high performance, security and ultra-reliability. Stylish and compact, this field-proven HD device enables you to deliver a seamless entertainment experience that combines live, on-demand and OTT services across a wide range of network environments.


At its core is the AmiNET video player. Drawing on more than a decade of innovation and expertise in IPTV, this key element maximises CPU efficiency to deliver quality user experiences while also having the flexibility for new feature enhancements to keep you in step with the evolving technology marketplace.


A150 combines all the quality you have come to expect from Amino with a raft of exciting and innovative new features that deliver an enhanced user experience.


Integrated with our Fusion Home solutions – easily add home monitoring and control functionality with a simple USB dongle to deliver a range of compelling “peace of mind” services. These include in-home Wi-Fi cameras and movement /door sensors – all accessible and controllable via a mobile app.


Despite its small size, Aria 5 has the power to tackle demanding middleware and applications. Aria has twice the processing speed and half the power consumption of previous generation set-tops.


Aria 5 combines the power of a high-performance engine with a diverse broadcast tuner into a sleek and cost-effective package. With the compact, cost-optimized Aria 5, you no longer have to sacrifice performance for cost.



Aria 6 is a high performance hybrid HEVC client device with tuner options for delivering a seamless user experience that blends live and OTT services. It is powered by a 6K DMIPs processor, with up to 1GB of on-board memory to provide flexible options for cost-effectively delivering hybrid IPTV/OTT services across a range of IP and broadcast networks.

Kamai 450M

Kamai 450M is ideal for multi-room video deployments and is also optimized for streaming media services. It supports MoCA to enable reliable HD video distribution throughout the home using existing in-home coax wiring.


With MoCA support, Kamai 450M is compatible with any video delivery network, including cable, FTTH, xDSL and satellite. Within a home, it provides up to 175 Mb/s throughput, nearly double the speeds of typical Ethernet networks. It also provides managed Quality of Service (QoS) which enables reliable distribution of HD video, whole-home DVR and media sharing.

Kamai 450M offers advanced applications such as an HTML5-compliant browser which provides an open and flexible platform for application development. By supporting adaptive bit-rate (ABR) streaming technology such as HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), Kamai 450M can enable continuous video delivery over an unmanaged network.


Kamai 5

Kamai 5 is ideal if you want to offer video but have a geographically diverse broadband foot-print with a range of network infrastructure capabilities. By leveraging the advantages of Adaptive Bit-Rate (ABR) streaming technology, Kamai 5 can reliably deliver HD video across the Internet and over last mile networks of varying quality and bandwidth.


Kamai 6

Kamai 6 enables you to distribute 4K Ultra-HD content without sacrificing bandwidth. With H.265/HEVC support, you can reduce bandwidth by up to 50% while providing superior 4K resolution that is 4x greater than 1080p for the best viewing experience.

kamai-650__amino-logo__-rendering-__2016-05-23__frontKamai 6 offers dual 720p30 transcoding to support bring-your-own-device (BYOD) — allowing you to offer multi-screen services that enable subscribers to seamlessly access content on other video devices. This reduces costs by allowing subscribers to interact with their TV service on their personally owned devices such as tablets or smartphones.

Kamai 6 also provides flexible in-home wiring and wireless networking options for distributing HD video throughout the home.

ENABLE TV Software Platform

With a proud heritage in IPTV, over 7 million IP-connected TV devices shipped and serving over 1000 providers, we know your world. AminoVIEW, powered by our proven ENABLE TV software platform, will give you the flexible package, the great SDK and the low running costs you need. ENABLE has been field-proven over ten years and more than 150 deployments globally. ENABLE is a rich native C and HTML5 development environment, flexible enough to integrate your choice of TV middleware, applications and security solutions.

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Simplified Service Assurance

Our ENGAGE service assurance solution provides a suite of management tools that lets you efficiently and proactively support and improve your quality of service across any network.